can't decide on your service provider?

why us

If you can’t decide on where to go to for your boating needs, let us help you decide.

Nobody likes to get stuffed around. Unfortunately it’s all too common in the marine industry, that people are getting stuffed around resulting in money and time wasted.

We keep it simple, by simply getting it done. We’re honest, upfront and we don’t sugarcoat problems. We tell it how it is, the way it should be.

We offer a complete range of products and services for your convenience. From motor servicing to complete fitouts, electronics and fabrications, you can enjoy the convenience of not needing to bring your boat to multiple workshops to do different things. Just about all you need is under one roof. We don’t do upholstery/clears or fibreglass repairs

We’re not only skilled in the marine industry, we also have an extensive background in automotive and aviation (yes, planes!). Utilizing the skills, methods and techniques from automotive, marine and aviation, we combine the best practices from each industry and apply them to our products and services offered.

There are many ways of doing something with the same result. That’s why we work with you towards your goal. We consult with you on your boating needs, ideas and goals. We don’t just blindly listen to what you want and simply do it,  we offer you our opinion to let you know if the idea is good, bad or could improve. We want to help you get it right the first time around.

We work with you to ensure you don’t get a bill shock. For most of our work, we provide estimates prior to commencing the work. Should any additional work or parts be required, we will advise the extra costs for your approval.

We know that boating and fishing gear can get expensive. Our recommendations may be a little out of your budget and we understand that, so should you feel that something is a little out of budget, we can recommend more affordable alternatives that will deliver the same or similar result. Don’t hesitate to ask us if there are any affordable alternatives. We will advise you of the pros and cons of both recommended products and the cheaper alternative so that you can make an educated purchase.

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