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There are many anchor winch options and accessories to choose from and prices can vary greatly depending on the combination. We offer our recommended combination for your boat, which may sometimes exceed ones expected budget. Before you think ‘that’s out of my budget, no thanks’, talk to us. We are happy to work with you and offer alternatives to suit your budget. A simple ‘are there more affordable alternatives?’ can go a long way.

The choice is yours should you decide to go with our recommendations or if you simply want ‘something that just works’. Keep in mind, not all installations are the same, we’ve seen quite a number of installations that could have been better, and then there’s some that’s best left unsaid. DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT.

As part of our fitting service, we assess the boat and determine the optimum fitting method, taking into consideration:

  • Structure – Will the installation compromise boat structural integrity?
  • Quality – Above industry standard practices, combined with high quality parts used for install.
  • Aesthetics – Fitting products that compliments the boat’s overall visual appeal.
  • Ergonomics & User Friendliness – Fitting parts in a manner that just makes sense.

Our service is well thought through, while other installers may simply take the ‘she’ll be right’ approach. To simply put it, each and every boat receives the highest level of treatment, and attention to detail.


In today’s market, manufacturers need to stay on top of their game and offer quality products, otherwise they won’t be around for long. To simply put it, we don’t offer products that we don’t support.

From the design, style and aesthetics, everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to brands. We carry market leading brands including Savwinch and Lone Star Marine. Head over to our online store to browse our anchoring products.

In the spirit of a fair market, remaining unbiased and full disclosure: We don’t have any agreements in place with either brands and support both brands equally. There are minor pros and cons to both brands and we’re happy to offer our opinions for your consideration.


Every boat is different and we recommend anchoring products that is best suited to your boat and needs. All too often do people misinterpret our intentions when we recommend products, under the impression that we are trying to up-sell unnecessary products. Full disclosure – we do not try to up-sell or use any sales tactics to get the most out of you.

We offer recommendations based on experience and facts which are backed up by evidence. Remember, it is your money, your boat and you should be comfortable with your investment. Nobody likes a pesky salesman and nobody likes to be called a ‘rip-off’.

A typical anchor winch combo consists of:

  • Anchor Winch Kit – including switch, solenoid, circuit breaker, rope, chain, deck roller (may be excluded in certain models), excludes wiring and cables.
  • Bowsprit (aka bow roller, anchor roller etc; sold separately from the winch kit)
  • Anchor (sold separately from the winch kit)
  • Winch Mounting Plate – Commonly used with plastic anchor well tubs or restrictive anchor wells.
  • Cables & Wiring – Not included in Anchor Winch Kits. Every boat is different and there are no ‘one size fits all’, all our cables and wiring are tailor made to the boat.

A bowsprit and anchor suited to the winch is highly recommended for optimum performance and smooth operation of your new anchor winch.

Click on the Bowsprit & Anchor tab to see a demo of a winch with a generic bowsprit & anchor.

Note that a Kit is different to a Combo. Winch kits do not include bowsprit, anchor and cables/wiring, whereas our Combos do. Generally, kits includes winch, swivel, solenoid, circuit breaker, switch, deck (chain) roller and rope/chain. This may vary between models and brands.

Bowsprit & Anchor

Bowsprits and anchors offered by winch manufacturers not only make a statement and compliment the winch, but they are designed with a larger mouth to receive the anchor just the right way.

Anchors designed for winches may appear the same as any other anchor, but they have a circular tab at the end of the shank. This enables the anchor to upright itself when being retrieved – an important feature to ensure proper and smooth operation of the anchor.

Check out this demonstration of a new Lone Star Marine winch being tested with a generic bowsprit and anchor, not designed for a winch.

Bowsprit Types

Depending on which brand of anchor winch you decide to invest in, some brands may offer different types of bowsprits. The most common one is a simple fixed bracket with a roller or multiple rollers, sometimes referred to ‘Classic’ style bowsprit. Savwinch has two types of bowsprits, the ‘Classic’ and ‘Swivel Arm’, while Lone Star Marine has the one ‘Classic’ type.

Take a look at our comparison video between the two Savwinch bowsprits.

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