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Not only should you flush your motor after every use, but it is also important that you flush it correctly. Invest in a pair of muffs that is best suited to your motor.

Types Of Flushing Muffs

Flushing muffs comes in various shapes, sizes, functions and materials. The main difference to look for is the material of the cups. They will either be PVC or Rubber.

PVC Cups
PVC cups tend to be more rigid and prone to water leakage when flushing. This greatly reduces the water pressure going into the water pump and commonly leads to overheating when flushing. Most PVC muffs only have one water inlet. PVC will generally last longer than Rubber muffs.

Rubber Cups
Rubber cups are less rigid, more flexible and creates a better seal compared to PVC, which greatly reduces water leakage. Due to the larger cup size, it is generally more suitable for medium to high power motors, 60HP and above. Most rubber muffs have dual water inlets, which supplies adequate water to the water pump. Rubber muffs will deteriorate over time from a combination of sun exposure and repeated use leading to cracks in the sealing lip.

Selecting The Right Muffs

As simple as it may be, there are a few factors to consider when buying a pair of muffs suited to your motor. Like shoes, they can’t be too big or too small.

For motors with smaller gearboxes, common to motors below 60HP, it is recommended that PVC muffs be used. Round PVC muffs would be ideal.

Motors that are 60HP or higher, tend to have larger gearboxes and a shallower curved surface around the water pick up. This makes it suitable for larger cups. It is recommended to use the rubber muffs for these motors.

For muffs with rectangular cups, we recommend rotating the cups to best suit your motor with the least leak. Take some time to experiment with different orientation and seeing which position would give you the least leakage. It would also be a good idea to leave the muffs on the motor when not in use. This helps the cups mould to the shape of your gearbox, giving you a better seal. Remember to remove them before you head to the boat ramp!

Flushing Motor

When flushing the motor, it is important to ensure that it is flushed adequately. Flushing for 1 minute or less will not be enough to clean the salt out of the motor. It is recommended that the motor is run for at least 5 minutes while flushing. The motor will warm up within the 5 minute period, opening the thermostat and allowing water to flow through all cooling channels.

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