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Ocean Concepts (ABN 90 150 432 171) provides custom marine solutions including outboard services, aluminum fabrication, electronics sales/installation, boating accessories, on-water support and 24/7 urgent call-out repairs.

We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to boating and fishing, so we strive to customize your boat to suit your fishing style. From the way you move around on the boat, to the type of fishing you do, you want to be comfortable and efficient on the water. We focus on ergonomics so you’re not fumbling around when the reels are hot.

Based in Fairfield, western suburbs of Sydney, we offer in-house and mobile services to both recreational and commercial outboard powered boats.

Please note that while we endeavour to do our best to provide you a seamless shopping experience, Ocean Concepts online store is a branch off our daily operations of mobile and in-house services. We're currently only a small team and doing the best we can, unfortunately we do not have a public showroom, pick up facilities or a dedicated customer service team for online store orders.

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