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Model: ELCST0574
This large toggle switch is specially designed for marine conditions. A weatherproof rubber boot covers the actuator, and the switch mechanism is encapsulated in rubber. For this reason, 150mm fly leads are attached instead of the usual terminals. Not only limited to marine use, it can also be used ..
Ex Tax:$13.56
Model: ELCST0577
Momentary Toggle Switch - On (mom)/Off 20A SPST..
Ex Tax:$6.30
Model: ELCST0579
Standard Toggle Switch - On/Off 20A SPST..
Ex Tax:$6.30
Model: ELCST0592
These hoods simply screw over the toggle switch to prevent ingress of water. • Suits standard toggle switch size M12 (11.5mm mounting hole) • Thread size M12 x 0.75P • Note that there are two standard thread sizes. Confirm size before ordering...
Ex Tax:$2.57
Model: ELCST0581
Heavy duty toggle switch. Water resistant to IP-56 • SPST • Plastic Housing, no rusting compared to standard switches • 12VDC, 20A • Mounting hole 11.5mm • Thread size M12 x 0.75P..
Ex Tax:$6.30
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