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Trailer Bearings

Brand: Trojan Model: 1781
These Bearing Boss bearing protectors helps prolong the life of your trailer bearings. The spring loaded diaphragm helps maintain a positive grease pressure which keeps the bearings lubricated and reduces the chances of salt water ingress from the rubber seals when launching the boat. Fitted with a..
Ex Tax:$45.64
Brand: Trojan Model: PT1175
Trojan Marine Bearing Kit - Ford SL Bearing Part Numbers: Smaller/Outer Bearing - L12749Smaller Bearing Cup - L12710 Larger/Inner Bearing - L68149Larger Bearing Cup - L68110..
Ex Tax:$20.48
Brand: Trojan Model: PT1165
Trojan Marine Bearing Kit - Holden LM Bearing Part Numbers: Smaller/Outer Bearing - LM11949Smaller Bearing Cup - LM1110 Larger/Inner Bearing - LM67048Larger Bearing Cup - LM67010..
Ex Tax:$19.38
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