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ZipWake & OceanLED Installation

Stacer 539 Wildrider

Our client’s brand new Stacer was brought into our workshop along with some ZipWake trim tabs to be fitted and in addition, we supplied and fitted OceanLED X4 Midnight Blue LED lights.

After paint stripping the area to be welded, the original holes for the bait tank’s pump intake and drain was welded up. Two 10mm aluminium plates (supplied by the client) backed the trim tabs (to ensure a flat mounting surface) and was welded on to the transom. Once all welding was complete, the transom was primed and repainted with 2K white to blend in with the factory paint and all parts refitted.

Our work on this boat includes:

  • Weld on ZipWake backing plates
  • Prime & Repaint transom in 2K white
  • Fit ZipWake trim tabs
  • OceanLED X4 Midnight Blue Underwater LED lights – Supplied & Fitted

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