Buy a boat, not a lemon

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Have the peace of mind when buying a boat by getting a pre-purchase inspection done with us. From trailer coupling to the propeller, we carry out a thorough inspection throughout the boat so that you’re not in for any surprises.
All Pre-Purchase Inspections must be paid for upfront and in full prior to us departing for the inspection. If the inspection site is local to our workshop (within 10-15 minutes of Wetherill Park or Fairfield area), we may make an exception of the upfront payment, at our discretion. This is due to previous inspections we’ve done and have not been paid for due to the buyer not going ahead with the transaction. It is advised that you see the boat for yourself first, take some photos of anything that concerns you and we can give you our opinion if its worth it for you to book an inspection. Please provide a link to the boat for sale as well so we can get a better idea.
The costs for a pre-purchase inspection varies, factoring location, type of boat, number of motors, type of motors etc.

What Boats We Inspect

Due to the condition of aging boats and issues, there are certain boats we generally don’t inspect:

  • Riveted Aluminum Hulls (DeHavilland hulls)
  • Aluminium or Fibreglass hulls that have had non-marine waterproofing products applied
  • Fibreglass Hulls older than 20 years*
  • Outboard Motors older than 30 years*
  • Inboard & Stern Drive motors older than 20 years*
  • Moored Vessels over 20 years*
  • Sailing Vessels

* Except low hour, low use boats that appear well presented and maintained.

What’s involved in our pre-purchase inspections:

  • Motor General Condition & Compression Test
  • Motor Operational Test
  • Hull Structure – excludes moisture testing on fibreglass hulls.
  • Electrical Systems & Electronics (wiring, batteries, sounders, GPS units, radar, stereo, lights etc.)
  • Trailer General Condition (excluding bearings)
  • Basic Trailer Bearing Inspection (does not involve removing wheel and disassembling bearings) – Additional Cost
  • Sea Trial (Water Testing) – Additional Cost
Inspection Reports – Additional Cost
Reports are available upon request by the prospective buyer and must be advised prior to the inspection. Most prospective buyers are only after a second set of eyes to have a general look over the boat and compression test the motor. We offer the option for those who don’t need a report to keep costs down and we give our opinions and findings over the phone. Inspection Reports are comprehensive and time consuming and thus the extra costs are to cover the preparation of the report. Reports are generally advised for high value boats or buying unseen.
All pre-purchase inspections are to be treated as a general guide and opinion only. We do not do seaworthiness inspections.