Projects - Fabrication

Bait Board Mount & Rod Rack

Quintrex 450 Renegade

The owner wanted to mount a bait board to their center console boat to make cutting and rigging baits more comfortable without having to kneel down all the time. In addition, they also wanted the board to be removable, extra rod holders on the side of the board and a small rod rack for the console. The owner purchased and supplied the bait board, and we made it happen.

  • Custom fabricated heavy duty bases
  • Removable poles
  • Extra side rod holders at a shallower angle welded onto the board
  • Stepped rod rack x 6
  • All of our rod holders are heavy duty with gimbal pins

The height of the bait board is designed to clear the motor at full tilt up and although appears high, the height is ergonomically perfect when cutting baits as it rests around the waist line, not too low, not too high, just right.